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Both drivers seriously injured in car wreck

Car wrecks can have devastating consequences for victims and their families. So many different factors can affect the severity of the incident, but there are certain things all drivers should do in order to avoid causing harm. Though most drivers are well aware of safe driving practices, they may sometimes choose not to follow those practices, which can be deadly. This is what Georgia authorities believe may be to blame in a recent car wreck that sent both drivers to the hospital with serious injuries.

Truck wrecks: Man charged with vehicular homicide

Sharing the road with large commercial trucks is something every driver has to manage. These larger vehicles present an increased risk to motorists who get into truck wrecks, since their sheer size can result in more significant injury. One Georgia family is likely dealing with that sad fact after a woman died when her vehicle was hit by a flying tire from a tractor-trailer. The driver of that tractor-trailer is now facing criminal charges.

Motorcycle wrecks: Man fatally struck by SUV

Motorcycles can be a fun way to get around. Those who ride them often talk about how freeing it can be, despite knowing it can also be dangerous. In motorcycle wrecks involving another vehicle, the rider is generally at greater risk of injury, since he or she doesn't have the same protection that most other vehicles have. One recent example here in Georgia involves a young motorcycle rider who lost his life after being hit by an SUV.

Did Georgia's hands-free law affect the rate of car wrecks?

Authorities are always searching for ways to keep citizens safe. One measure that many states across the country have recently enacted relates to cellphone usage in moving vehicles. Georgia passed a law just last year that restricted holding and using mobile phones while driving a motor vehicle. The hope was that these laws would prevent car wrecks. Now, several municipalities are reporting exactly how that measure has affected their areas.

Car wreck claims the lives of 2 children

Any car wreck that results in harm to a person is tragic, but ones that involve children can be particularly upsetting. A young life cut short is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. They may struggle to come to terms with what happened, wondering if they could have taken a different action that would have saved the young person's life. Many times, someone else is responsible for the fatal incident. This is what police say is the case in the deaths of two Georgia children, killed in a car wreck involving multiple vehicles.

Motorcycle wrecks: Fatal collision still under investigation

Summertime means many people will be out enjoying the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight. Many motorcycle enthusiasts will take to the roads on their motorbikes, making the most of all that summer has to offer. Unfortunately, this also means that there is usually an increase in fatal motorcycle wrecks. The Georgia State Patrol responded to a recent motorcycle crash that proved fatal for the driver.

Motor vehicle wrecks can be deadly

Interstate traffic can be challenging. There are the number of vehicles on the road, the various speeds at which vehicles travel, road construction and a variety of other concerns that can affect ttraffic. Unfortunately, there are also those times when motor vehicle wrecks occur and the challenge becomes even more personal.

Car wreck claims the life of mother of 4

A fatal car wreck can devastate an affected family. Besides the emotional turmoil, if a parent dies in a car wreck, his or her children will have lost a provider and guide for the rest of their lives. One Georgia family may be going through this very thing after a fatal car wreck took the life of one woman who was a single parent to four children.

30-year high in pedestrian deaths around the nation

The risks that go along with driving a car are obvious. They are heightened when pedestrians are in or near the roadway. One recent study shows that pedestrian deaths are the highest they've been in almost 30 years. In this regard, Georgia is said to be among the most dangerous states in the country.

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