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Motor vehicle wrecks can be deadly

Interstate traffic can be challenging. There are the number of vehicles on the road, the various speeds at which vehicles travel, road construction and a variety of other concerns that can affect ttraffic. Unfortunately, there are also those times when motor vehicle...

Car wreck claims the life of mother of 4

A fatal car wreck can devastate an affected family. Besides the emotional turmoil, if a parent dies in a car wreck, his or her children will have lost a provider and guide for the rest of their lives. One Georgia family may be going through this very thing after a...

Charges pending re fatal car wreck

When a car crash occurs, it can devastate a person's life, or their family's lives if the wreck proves to be fatal. This is likely the case in a recent car crash here in Georgia that left one man dead and authorities with countless questions as to what exactly...


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