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Business litigation may deal with entertainment contracts

Georgia is the home of many new and emerging musical and entertainment artists. Every one of those individuals and groups will have the need to enter into various contracts for the production and distribution of their music or other entertainment activities. Business litigation often arises between the entertainer and the producer or a production company.

Litigation is not the only way to settle a partner disagreement

Having a business partner can have its benefits, but it can also have its disadvantages. Running a business can be stressful, and partners do not always agree on how everything should be handled. When a partnership dispute arises, Georgia business owners may think that litigation is the only way to resolve the situation. Truthfully, there are other ways to approach the matter that may prove just as effective.

Breach of contract, injunction sought in business litigation case

Contractual disputes between business entities is commonplace in the courts of Georgia. There are many different disputes and factual scenarios that can be imagined between companies that are doing business together, and they don't always end up with an uneventful outcome. Business litigation in the state and federal courts located in Georgia often deal with a wide variety of breach of contract complaints.

Business litigation often arises over construction contracts

Georgia businesses have many different types of contract disputes that sometimes end up in court litigation. One area of prolific lawsuits often involves small or middle-size construction companies that have obtained a contract to construct or repair a public property. One recent example of a case that may resort to business litigation involves a contract for a company to construct a taxiway at a local airport. The City Commission controlling the project voted recently to declare the contractor in default of the contract.

Business litigation often concerns disputed licensing agreements

In Georgia and elsewhere, disputes between businesses are a regular way of life. The conflicts have a wide range and involve many different factual scenarios. Sometimes, the bitterness of business litigation can create bad perceptions about each other between the battling entities. On the other hand, some business conflicts are so commonplace that the companies may suppress their annoyance and go on to do even more business together in the future.

Business litigation pits Papa John's founder against directors

Companies that operate in Georgia often encounter potential or actual business disputes with other companies or internally within the business itself. When a company's founder or CEO is known to be both eccentric and highly controversial in his public statements, business litigation between that individual and his or her own company may tend to break out at some point. Today's culture of mass communications dictates that sensitivity and discretion must be used lest there be an instant public reaction to a CEO's ill-chosen, inappropriate comments.  

Business litigation alleges fantasy football contract breach

Businesses in Georgia and nationwide are involved increasingly in litigation concerning online marketing and promotional activities. Many business litigation conflicts are over the rights to intellectual property such as copyrights, trade names and other proprietary assets. A recent example of such litigation involves a complaint filed recently in federal court by Fulltime Fantasy Sports, LLC against CBS Interactive, Inc.

Business litigation can test the validity of competitor's claims

In Georgia and throughout the country a business may challenge the advertising of its competitors through the court system and before administrative agencies. In addition to filing business litigation, this may also be done more informally through the National Advertising Division of the Council for Better Business Bureaus. For example, one maker of probiotic supplements sued another maker of those products for making unsupported claims about its products.

Business litigation over data breach claims reinstated by Court

Georgia is home to its share of litigation over data breaches against big retailers and respected organizations. When criminal hackers penetrate the security protections of a company's data banks, class action lawsuits and some individual business litigation actions usually follow. The plaintiffs are customers whose private information has been taken and who are facing potentially dire consequences.

Concert no-shows are naturals for business litigation courts

In Georgia as well as elsewhere, contracts for live concerts tend to run into quite a bit of contention between the parties. When the dispute cannot be mediated or resolved by private negotiations, the dispute will go to court and become another entry into the state's roster of business litigation cases. There are many different reasons for disputes over live entertainment to be commonplace, such as the failure of performers to make the show, the failure of promoters to sell enough tickets, and the failure to pay the entertainer the full amount promised.

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