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What should hit-and-run victims do after a collision?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Hit-and-run accidents might be among the most frustrating experiences a victim suffers. When a car accident happens in Georgia, someone could face medical and vehicle repair bills. Filing an insurance claim becomes a challenge when the other driver speeds off without providing any contact or additional information. Hopefully, the injured party could take steps that resolve the problem.

Hit-and-run accidents and the aftermath

Among the biggest mistakes an accident victim could make after experiencing a hit-and-run collision involves chasing the driver. Besides creating the risk of another accident, catching up with the driver may lead to a dangerous confrontation. Fleeing the scene of an accident could result in felony charges, so dealing with the driver becomes a matter for the police. Calling 911 seems like the better and safer strategy than giving chase.

Also, just because a driver flees the scene doesn’t mean the police won’t find them. The victim could write down the license plate, or a smartphone or dashcam may record the image. Dashcam footage might record the entire incident and serve as evidence in court.

Even if the driver doesn’t get the license plate or a vehicle description, an eyewitness might. Procuring witness contact information could be an important step after an accident.

Steps to take after a hit-and-run collision

Victims of hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents could contact their insurance company to explore filing a claim. If no one finds the driver, collision or uninsured motorist coverage may cover the loss, depending on the policy’s terms and exclusions.

It bears mentioning that persons hurt in a hit-and-run collision may benefit from seeing a doctor. Personal safety and medical care might become the main priority when injured. Unfortunately, some victims don’t even know how badly hurt they are. Undergoing a full medical examination could reveal the extent of any injuries.


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