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Criminal defense: County's new procedure for marijuana possession

A drug possession conviction can significantly change a person's life. Punishments vary, depending on the exact drug in question and the amount, but those convicted may face jail time or a fine. Many people assume that marijuana possession is not a serious crime, but dependent on the circumstances, the punishment can still be significant. One city here in Georgia recently decided to change its policy around marijuana possession due the legalization of hemp, and it could change how criminal defense is handled in that area.

Truck wrecks: Man charged with vehicular homicide

Sharing the road with large commercial trucks is something every driver has to manage. These larger vehicles present an increased risk to motorists who get into truck wrecks, since their sheer size can result in more significant injury. One Georgia family is likely dealing with that sad fact after a woman died when her vehicle was hit by a flying tire from a tractor-trailer. The driver of that tractor-trailer is now facing criminal charges.

Multiple drug arrests highlights need for criminal defense

When a person is convicted of a crime, some might assume that jail time or a fine is the only consequence. While those two possibilities are certainly serious, there are other results that may have a longer-lasting effect on that person's life. Many people convicted of a drug crime, for example, may have difficulty obtaining future employment or see their personal reputation damaged. This is why having a solid criminal defense strategy is important for anyone facing drug charges. This is what several people in one Georgia county may be facing after 26 recent arrests relating to a drug bust.

Motorcycle wrecks: Man fatally struck by SUV

Motorcycles can be a fun way to get around. Those who ride them often talk about how freeing it can be, despite knowing it can also be dangerous. In motorcycle wrecks involving another vehicle, the rider is generally at greater risk of injury, since he or she doesn't have the same protection that most other vehicles have. One recent example here in Georgia involves a young motorcycle rider who lost his life after being hit by an SUV.

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