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Former cop charged with sexual battery

Some of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with are sex crimes. No matter the surrounding circumstances, the punishment for convictions regarding sexual assault, sexual battery or other sex crimes can be severe. Some sex crime convictions here in Georgia have mandatory minimum jail sentences or require those convicted to register as sex offenders, thereby affecting future employment, voting rights and more. This may be what one former police officer is dealing with after he was accused of sexual battery.

People over 50 more likely to have money problems after divorce

Many have heard that the divorce rate among older people has doubled in the last 30 years. What they may not realize is just what effect divorce can have on a person's finances. Though that can happen to anyone of any age, the difficulties can be particularly pronounced for people older than 50. Fortunately, experts have advice for anyone here in Georgia who falls into that category.

Criminal defense: Police task force makes DUI arrests

Many people across the country celebrated the recent Fourth of July holiday weekend. It is a time for families to get together, and these kinds of events often include consumption of alcohol. Local law enforcement was on alert for people driving under the influence. In one Georgia community, police specifically targeted drunk drivers, making numerous arrests. Those drivers may need a strong criminal defense to minimize the potential impact of an arrest on their lives.

Did Georgia's hands-free law affect the rate of car wrecks?

Authorities are always searching for ways to keep citizens safe. One measure that many states across the country have recently enacted relates to cellphone usage in moving vehicles. Georgia passed a law just last year that restricted holding and using mobile phones while driving a motor vehicle. The hope was that these laws would prevent car wrecks. Now, several municipalities are reporting exactly how that measure has affected their areas.

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