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Criminal defense: Georgia woman facing DUI charges

Charges of driving under the influence can significantly affect a person's life. The punishment following a conviction is often more severe than many people think, including possible jail time, fines and more. Anyone facing a DUI charge needs a thorough criminal defense strategy to ensure that an he or she is treated fairly by the judicial system. One woman here in Georgia may need just that after police say she caused a car wreck that resulted in several injuries.

Car wreck claims the lives of 2 children

Any car wreck that results in harm to a person is tragic, but ones that involve children can be particularly upsetting. A young life cut short is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. They may struggle to come to terms with what happened, wondering if they could have taken a different action that would have saved the young person's life. Many times, someone else is responsible for the fatal incident. This is what police say is the case in the deaths of two Georgia children, killed in a car wreck involving multiple vehicles.

Student loan debt could get divided in divorce

When people get married, they often promise "'til death do us part." They may not realize if that "parting" happens due to divorce that they may also be responsible for their ex's debts. When determining who gets what as part of a divorce agreement, most people here in Georgia probably think of shared assets or property. However, student loan debt could be part of that agreement as well, depending on several circumstances.

Don't underestimate the risk of abuse in nursing homes

Nursing homes are designed to be places where elderly and vulnerable people can feel safe and supported both physically and emotionally. In the majority of cases, nursing homes successfully fulfill their purpose. In this way, they can be invaluable sources of support for aging people who are unable to take care of themselves alone.

Motorcycle wrecks: Fatal collision still under investigation

Summertime means many people will be out enjoying the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight. Many motorcycle enthusiasts will take to the roads on their motorbikes, making the most of all that summer has to offer. Unfortunately, this also means that there is usually an increase in fatal motorcycle wrecks. The Georgia State Patrol responded to a recent motorcycle crash that proved fatal for the driver.

Divorce rates dropping for some groups, rising for others

Conventional wisdom has long held that 50% of marriages today end in divorce. However, recent statistics prove that idea wrong. Overall, divorce rates are plummeting -- the rate dipped 18% from 2008 to 2016, according to one study. Upon closer examination of the facts, however, it is apparent that this decrease only holds true for certain demographics. Experts have theories as to what is causing these trends, and Georgia families may learn a great deal from their insight.

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