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Credit score can be impacted by divorce

When two people decide to end their marriage, they probably realize that the process won't be a simple one. Many soon-to-be-ex-spouses have to determine how to manage childcare, split assets or handle a marital home. Though many people expect that their finances will be impacted, they may not realize that their credit score could take a hit. Fortunately, experts have some advice for those here in Georgia and around the nation who want to minimize the effect that divorce can have on their credit score.

Woman must focus on criminal defense for drug charges

Being charged with a crime can turn a person's world upside down, no matter the circumstances. There are the obvious consequences that come to mind, such as potential jail time, a fine and/or probation. But a conviction can have far-reaching consequences across an accused person's entire life. It can affect the ability to gain employment, hold certain licenses and damage a person's reputation, necessitating a focused and meaningful criminal defense. This could be what one Georgia woman is facing after her arrest for drug possession.

Sharing the road with semitrucks - tips to keep you safe

If you are like other drivers in the Dalton area, you have probably found yourself holding your breath while a semitruck passes you on the road. While most truck drivers follow safety protocols, it is often the other drivers on the road that create problems. For instance, a car two lanes over from you could suddenly cut off a semi and cause the driver to slam the brakes and possibly lose control. This one act could affect you and many other people driving in the immediate vicinity.

3 common reasons for divorce

Most people who marry do so from a place of optimism, believing that their relationship will stand the test of time. Sadly, divorce is an all-too-common outcome for many marriages, here in Georgia and elsewhere. The reasons for divorce vary as widely as the people who decide to get married. However, experts say that there are three common causes that may lead a couple to divorce.

30-year high in pedestrian deaths around the nation

The risks that go along with driving a car are obvious. They are heightened when pedestrians are in or near the roadway. One recent study shows that pedestrian deaths are the highest they've been in almost 30 years. In this regard, Georgia is said to be among the most dangerous states in the country.

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