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Woman needs criminal defense for sending barrage of love letters

At what point do a series of written love messages sent as emails to another person cross the line and become stalking or harassment? When does a letter writer who has only romance in her heart end up being arrested and in need of a criminal defense attorney? This has happened a second time now to a Georgia woman in Clayton County who apparently has a penchant for writing love letters to the local sheriff of that county.

Man says dad's fatal personal injury was due to nursing neglect

Many adult children in Georgia and elsewhere have parents who reside in nursing homes. Some are unable to function independently due to aging or adverse health conditions. Others, such as a man's father in another state, enter such facilities on a temporary basis as they recover from surgery or other health episodes. In this man's case, he had suffered a stroke and had been recuperating in a nursing home for several months when a fatal personal injury occurred.

The tragedy of children getting hurt in car crashes

Although the average American spends time in a vehicle every single day, there is a lot of risk involved in traveling by motor vehicle. It is easy to ignore this risk until something happens on the road. Unfortunately, you aren't the only person who incurs risk while driving. Your children in the vehicle are also at risk.

Don't believe what you hear about cellphones and car accidents

Hardly anything is as simple as right or wrong. Much of the information that Georgia residents receive from the media and the internet requires a bit of skepticism. For instance, not everything people say about the correlation between cellphones and car accidents is correct.

Failing to use turn signals is a risk factor for a serious crash

Turn signals, also called blinkers, are one of the most important communication devices on your vehicle. After all, the primary purpose of these lights is to alert other drivers to your intentions. People in front of and behind you, or even across from you at an intersection, will know how to predict what you will do next based on the use of your turn signals.

Pedestrian dies in car accident

Some people walk for health, while others do so out of necessity. Regardless of the reasons, pedestrians should be able to travel safely when walking near Georgia roads. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and a car accident involving a pedestrian can lead to serious personal injury or even worse -- death.

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