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Criminal defense includes demanding precise drug-testing tools

Those who enforce the drug laws in Georgia and those who provide defense attorney services are aware that certain tests for drugs can give false positives. When the police arrest someone on the basis of an erroneous finding from a defective testing mechanism, great hardship can result. It is the criminal defense attorneys who usually step forward to protect a client who is unjustly accused of drug possession due to faulty tests.

Car accidents bring fatalities during another holiday weekend

Once again, the authorities in Georgia are left to report the bad news regarding traffic fatalities as another major holiday continues apace. There were the usual reports of car accidents across the state. For example, a major accident occurred at the Jones-Baldwin County line on Tuesday, Nov. 20, in the early evening, on Highway 49. According to the Sheriff of Jones County, two cars collided, leaving two people dead and one in serious condition.

Divorce raises issues for transitioning children into a new life

In Georgia some divorced couples with children have experimented with a new concept of family law that is called 'birdnesting.' Research has shown that keeping children in a low conflict environment during a divorce and thereafter is an effective way of minimizing the stress on them. One way that some couples do this post-divorce is to maintain the family home as the main anchor, with the parents rotating their stays in the home instead of flipping the children from house to house.

Suspects in child sex cases may assert criminal defense theories

Georgia authorities recently executed a four-day dragnet focused on internet sex crimes occurring mainly in Bartow County. The total operation spanned several months of planning, according to authorities. In the four-day period beginning on Nov. 1, 2018, the police arrested 20 persons, ages 20 to 59, who allegedly traveled to parts of Georgia to meet a child for sex. Whether a suspect can assert a criminal defense to the charges depends on the unique facts of each case. 

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