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Business litigation often concerns disputed licensing agreements

In Georgia and elsewhere, disputes between businesses are a regular way of life. The conflicts have a wide range and involve many different factual scenarios. Sometimes, the bitterness of business litigation can create bad perceptions about each other between the battling entities. On the other hand, some business conflicts are so commonplace that the companies may suppress their annoyance and go on to do even more business together in the future.

Woman suffers critical personal injury, hit while pumping gas

There are many ways that the authorities in Georgia try to protect the public against serious injuries and death caused by negligent vehicle operators. One of the strongest deterrent methods is the private tort system, which provides a personal injury claim for monetary damages to injured victims. The claim exists against one or more wrongdoers who caused the accident. With respect to deceased victims, their estate is entitled to bring a wrongful death action for monetary damages against the negligent driver and all others who may be at fault in causing the damages.

Criminal defense: Stun gun for 87-year-old picking dandelions

It is not well-known in Georgia that dandelion salad is a favorite dish of natives of certain foreign countries. For an 87-year-old Chatsworth woman who was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen over 15 years ago, going into a neighboring field to dig up dandelions was a perfectly natural and nonthreatening activity. For police called to the scene, it was a threatening confrontation that justified using a stun gun on the woman and then arresting her for  obstruction of an officer and misdemeanor criminal trespass, charges that will require a criminal defense.

Riding tips for Georgia motorcyclists

Dalton motorcycle owners love to ride their big two-wheelers, especially during the warmer months. While it's undeniable that riding a motorcycle has inherent risks that driving a car does not, there's no substitute for the feeling of freedom a motorcycle provides.

Damages claim from car accidents includes lost earning capacity

Georgia and other states provide for monetary damages to the estate of a person who was killed in a vehicular accident by the negligence of another party. Such a claim is called a wrongful death claim. The wrongful death statute in every state provides a list of damages that are recoverable from death relating to car accidents. Often, the biggest element of damages that is recovered in a wrongful death claim is the decedent's lost earnings and earning capacity.

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