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Business litigation over data breach claims reinstated by Court

Georgia is home to its share of litigation over data breaches against big retailers and respected organizations. When criminal hackers penetrate the security protections of a company's data banks, class action lawsuits and some individual business litigation actions usually follow. The plaintiffs are customers whose private information has been taken and who are facing potentially dire consequences.

Yes, you can still end up in jail for marijuana in Georgia

Easing cultural attitudes about marijuana is evident in our society. In state after state, voters keep passing laws intended to end the prohibition of marijuana and create regulated markets. Support for marijuana legalization is high and continuing to increase. However, Georgia is well behind much of the rest of the country when it comes to marijuana.

Financial survival after divorce takes careful planning

Georgia residents who are contemplating a divorce may want to think about planning early with respect to future retirement funding. Divorce can place an inordinate strain on a person's regular income, which will not be bolstered by combining with the former spouse's income after the divorce. This is often a strain for those who were on a relatively tight budget in the first place.

Court decides issue of policy beneficiary choice after divorce

The U.S. Supreme Court on June 11 issued a decision involving the question of who inherits the proceeds of an insurance policy when the owner of the policy apparently forgot to remove his former wife as beneficiary after they divorced. The problem that is illustrated is instructive to all couples who are in divorce or planning to file for divorce in the future. The lesson that the case teaches is that such matters should be resolved and taken care of during the divorce and immediately thereafter, both in Georgia and all other states.

Rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents with pedestrians increasing

This week, the Georgia Department of Transportation released preliminary findings of their report on traffic safety. The statistics related to motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are tragic and disappointing. The authors of the study hope to use the data to identify and address the causes of pedestrian accidents, perhaps through new legislation.

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