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Serious car accidents are often caused by a failure to yield

Failing to yield the right of way is a cause of many serious accidents in Georgia. That type of negligent error is similar in many instances to making an improper left turn. Both violations involve causing car accidents by intruding into another vehicle's proper path of travel. A fatal accident that recently occurred in Burke County on Georgia Highway 25 involves that kind of driving infraction.

Criminal defense may exist for man charged with solicitation

Criminal defense attorneys in Georgia and elsewhere must deal with some bizarre offenses alleged by the police. The criminal defense attorney views these matters clinically and acts in accordance with professional ethics to provide the strongest defense possible no matter what the circumstances. However, it must be remembered that most criminal cases are negotiated with the prosecuting authorities and do not go to trial. The U.S. Supreme Court has noted that the obtaining of a plea agreement through negotiations is a vital process at the heart of the system.

Large commercial trucks may increase your crash risk

Most people find driving in close proximity to commercial trucks a little frightening. This massive vehicles have huge blind spots. They are more susceptible to wind shear due to the large surface area of the tractor trailer. Their heavy weight means that they take longer to stop and speed up. They also often make wide turns, which can create a dangerous situation for smaller vehicles in an intersection.

2 motor vehicle accidents occur within minutes on I-75

The Georgia State Patrol has announced another fatal and horrific crash on the state's roads. The accident occurred on I-75 in Henry County at about 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 10. The precise circumstances remain unknown, but it involved two vehicles that apparently collided on the interstate in the northbound lanes. As often happens in such catastrophic motor vehicle accidents, a second major crash occurred in the southbound lanes within minutes of the first.

Criminal defense raises challenges to sorority sex allegations

An investigation of sorority members at a state university in Georgia has resulted in the suspension of the sorority and the resignation of a female administrative employee who served as the sorority adviser. Authorities are investigating whether the woman was acting to sell the sorority pledges of Alpha Kappa Alpha at the Fort Valley State University to businessmen in the community for sexual activities. Criminal defense counsel for the woman said that the allegations were false and "incredulous."

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to wrongful death damages

Georgia, like other states, is the unwilling host to thousands of traffic injuries and fatalities each year. Many of these motor vehicle accidents are caused by carelessness and innocent distraction, while many others are more egregious due to impairment with alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, fatalities occur when a driver loses all sense of safety and self-preservation, driving in such a reckless manner that the outcome will be etched in that wrongdoer's awareness for a long time to come.

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