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Personal injury recovery likely for victim of freakish accident

Vehicular accidents can take some unexpected twists, turns and configurations. An incident occurring on Dec. 14 in Cartersville is an example of a chaotic series of events, comprising an accident that caused personal injury and sent two people to hospitals. It started at about 7:18 p.m., when the driver of a pickup truck heading southbound on Burnt Hickory Road veered inexplicably into the northbound lane and struck the driver's side mirror of another pickup truck, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

Separation requires taking certain actions on the road to divorce

Georgia follows the general pattern for separation and divorce that exists in all other states.  The decision to separate is the most important event that marks the transition from being married to transitioning to another status that does not include the spouse. The separation phase must be accompanied by certain important actions that can create a stable and strong transition. If there are minor children, however, the transition will be slower and more careful. Each parent must pay careful attention to the reaction of the children and must nurture a healthy response to the divorce as is appropriate. 

Personal injury, death occur in early morning bus crash

In Georgia and everywhere else, there is nothing more tragic or consequential than the violent death of a young child. When a horrific accident occurs while the child is under the control of the school district, parents' reactions are likely to be justifiably hyper-critical. In addition, the paradoxical failure of the school system to meet its solemn duty to the children will tend to permanently heighten the parents' sense of loss. Consequently, personal injury and wrongful death recoveries for children in school bus accidents are likely to be substantial.

Divorce requires restructuring one's accounts and finances

Georgia residents getting divorced or who have been recently divorced will appreciate certain basic strategies that can help them to become adjusted and transitioned into a new mode of life. There are many things to do on the financial and organizational level to get up and functioning again. For women who have opted for a name change after the divorce, all identification cards, including driver's license and credit cards, must be updated by sending notification to the appropriate agencies and companies.

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