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Distracted driving may lead to car accidents in Georgia

Whenever Georgia drivers get behind the wheel, they must consider not only their safety but the safety of everyone else on the roadway. Distracted drivers are a common cause of car accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities. This is why it is so important for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. One woman was recently killed and several others were injured in a collision with a driver who may have been distracted.

Four things to avoid while on a motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle on an open road without another vehicle in sight is dangerous enough. However, when you start to factor in bad weather, poorly maintained roads, and the occasional random bit of wildlife that decides to run into the middle of the road, things become even more dangerous. Then there is the number one hazard that you have to watch for whether you are riding through Dalton or on a country road: cars and trucks.

Georgia man likely preparing criminal defense for DUI charge

Operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs can lead to a serious accident. In addition to the property damage or injuries one might cause, a person may also face potentially severe legal consequences, calling for the need to retain a criminal defense attorney. One Georgia man is now facing charges of driving under the influence and reckless driving after his alleged involvement in a nine-vehicle accident.

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are often fatal

Though there are many traffic laws in place to keep drivers and their passengers safe, some motorists fail to obey these laws. When Georgia drivers choose not to heed these safety measures, car accidents are much more likely to occur. One woman was recently killed in a crash by an alleged negligent driver.

How personal injury lawsuits - and juries - improve safety

For more than 200 years, juries have been impaneled in courts throughout to determine the facts in civil lawsuits. The founders believed that the right to a jury trial is a fundamental right. Most Americans likely understand the importance of the jury in a criminal case. Fewer recognize that the framers guaranteed the right to a jury through the Seventh Amendment to resolve many types of civil disputes. The idea of resolving disputes over personal injury through the civil process was not invented on this continent. It dates back to medieval times in the common law adopted by our founders. It also dates back in some form to many ancient societies.

Single-vehicle accidents often cause personal injury

When motor vehicle collisions are reported, most people expect to hear of a crash between two or more vehicles. However, many single-vehicle crashes occur in Georgia and across the country on a regular basis. Victims in a recent crash may choose to file personal injury claims after suffering injuries in such a collision.

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