Verdicts & Settlements

$ 100,000 Policy limits settlement for client with 33,000 in medicals, wrist surgery. Whitfield County.

$ 170,000 Settlement involving Ga Farm Bureau and Allstate. Client had back surgery but also had preexisting back problems. Cherokee County Superior Suit.

$ 35,000 Settlement based on $ 5,024 of medical expenses and $ 12,000 of lost wages.

$ 167,500 settlement for slip and fall in convenience store on a rainy day. 75 year old client had a hip surgery, liability disputed, Gordon County Superior Court suit. Survived summary judgement.

Significant confidential settlement reached for client who suffered serious electrocution injuries from 7,000 volts. Premises liability, plaintiff also had an active worker's comp case. Liability was highly contested. Fulton County State Court

$ 100,000 policy limit settlement for client with neck and injury that required surgery, Initial offer was less than $ 20,000. Murray County

Criminal- All charges dropped in arson case after the court granted our motion to exclude the states expert witness.

100,000 policy limits settlement where client (65) suffered neck injury. No surgery

450,000 settlement from two different insurance carriers. Client suffered injury to neck and arm driving side- impact collision. Neck surgery and significant treatment for infection in arm from embedded glass.

$ 165,000 settlement of case filed in Federal District Court in the Northern District of Georgia against Koch Foods rear end collision by poetry tractor trailer, back injury, no surgery, no significant lost wages, herniated disc.

$100,000 policy limits settlement in wrongful death suit.

Vineyard v. County of Murray, 990 F.2d1207 (1993)
Federal District Court in Rome
$190,000 verdict with punitive damages
After Appeal the Plaintiff received a check for $286,000 with
interest and attorneys fees
Police Misconduct

Viar v. Decatur County, Ga.
Federal District Court,
Middle District
settlement value of $1.2 million
Police Misconduct

Vaughn v. Cox,
Federal District Court, Northern District, Newnan Division
343 F.3d 1323(2003)
11th Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court
Resulted in $430,000 settlement while client was in jail for another offense
Police Misconduct

Dalton Machinery adv. Firstline Corp. and Amoco Fibers
Whitfield Superior Court
Breach of contract, tortious interference with contract,
Verdict for $700,000 where client got to keep machinery that was sold but not delivered

Client v. Tufto Corp. and Travelers, Insurance and Brooks Welding Supply
Whitfield Superior Court
settlement for $350,000 for back injury. Client was gainfully employed and never actually missed any work.
Commercial truck hit another commercial truck in the rear.

Client v. Patterson, R & D Trucking, Inc., et al.
United States District Court
Northern District of Georgia - Rome Division
Police Officer's car hit by tractor-trailer while on a traffic stop
$330,000 settlement

Client v. Gallegos and Caraustar Industries
Whitfield Superior Court
Car Rear-ended by tractor trailer at stop
$225,000 settlement just before trial. Offer at mediation was $500. Clear Liability
but pre-existing injuries in the exact same location where Plaintiff received treatment
two weeks before the collision.

Rear end Collision - Policy Limits settlement of $100,000.00 - Preexisting injuries and only about $10,000 in medicals

Phillips - Superior Court of Murray County, Georgia
Wrongful death - $1.2 million settlement
client was passing 2 vehicles and ran off the road and wife was ejected, Later, evidence of damage to Plaintiff's vehicle showed it had come into contact with lug nuts of commercial vehicle it was passing.

Wrongful death, Client was hit in rear by commercial delivery truck while stopped. Passenger killed, $1.35 million settlement

Jury Verdict - against a State Farm insured for $50,000 compensatory damages. We offered to settle for $20,000 prior to trial. Client only had $6,000 in medicals with no permanent disability.
Whitfield Superior Court - DUI driver.

$250,000 comp settlement for independent truck driver who was not technically covered by comp insurance.

6 figure settlement of wrongful death case where decedent was intoxicated and fell from a car window. Driver was also intoxicated. Defendant asserted defenses of contributory negligence and assumption of risk.
Superior Court of Whitfield County

Reese - Federal District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Rome Division
Police Misconduct
settled for $280,000 after officers dislocated Plaintiff's elbow. Settlement made after having Judge was reversed by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and after Judge had declared a mistrial in the middle of the 1st trial.

Satcher - School bus driver hit by logging truck that slid across the center line on wet pavement. $275,000 settlement exhausting all available insurance coverage from four different policies. Defendant only had $100,000 in coverage.

$750,000 Recovery for defective seatbelt against automotive manufacturer.

Defense jury verdict for our client in a case against local business by their workman's comp insurance where the insurer sought $42,000 from the small business as a result of a workman's comp audit.