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Divorce requires restructuring one's accounts and finances

Georgia residents getting divorced or who have been recently divorced will appreciate certain basic strategies that can help them to become adjusted and transitioned into a new mode of life. There are many things to do on the financial and organizational level to get up and functioning again. For women who have opted for a name change after the divorce, all identification cards, including driver's license and credit cards, must be updated by sending notification to the appropriate agencies and companies.

Other items such as utility bills, passports and school records must be corrected. Changes of address must be sent to all interested agencies, companies and persons. Where car titles and insurance policies require name changes or new beneficiaries, that must be accomplished. Retirement and investment accounts must also be corrected if necessary. It is important to get one's spouse's name off of accounts that he or she will no longer share.

Car accidents: Crash involving wrong-way driver kills 2 brothers

Head-on collisions can be exceedingly dangerous, potentially placing the lives of everyone involved in harm's way. Many families have been left to grieve the loss of a loved one following car accidents that occurred under similar circumstances. A recent collision on an interstate in Georgia claimed the lives of two college students who were traveling back to school after spending time at home for the holidays.

According to authorities, the incident took place on a recent Sunday morning as the two brothers were returning to school after a weekend at home. For reasons that remain unknown, a car crossed into the wrong lane and struck their vehicle. Shortly after the collision took place, their vehicle became engulfed in fire, and both of them were pronounced dead soon thereafter.

Criminal defense: Excessive speeding leads to DUI charges for 1

Operating a vehicle at excessive speeds can be dangerous, and may give authorities reason to be suspicious of further wrongdoing. Should an individual fail to notice the lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle, he or she may face additional charges once a traffic stop occurs. A 46-year-old man is facing multiple charges following a recent incident in Georgia, and he is likely working with a criminal defense attorney in preparation for future court proceedings.

According to authorities, the incident occurred around 3 a.m. on a recent Sunday when a vehicle allegedly passed a patrol car while traveling in excess of 100 mph. The officer then proceeded to attempt to initiate a traffic stop, but claims the car sped up, reaching up to 155 mph. The officer also asserts the driver was exhibiting erratic behavior, and made frequent lane changes without signaling before eventually coming to a halt.

Who’s at fault in an interstate pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians and interstates are never a good combination. The vehicles – traveling at speeds in excess of 70 mph – cannot react quickly enough to avoid a pedestrian. The drivers – zoning out to music or having conversations with their passengers – aren't thinking to look out for people on foot. Even worse, the pedestrians are completely vulnerable to death and catastrophic injury in the event of a collision.

Because pedestrians are not supposed to be on the interstate, whenever a crash happens, the first question is: Did the pedestrian have a good reason to be on the interstate? The answer to this question will dictate whether or not the pedestrian was at fault for the crash. It will also dictate whether or not the pedestrian – or his or her family members – may be able to pursue financial compensation relating to the accident.

Truck accidents: Collision in dense fog leaves 9 with injuries

When traveling in times of inclement weather, drivers must use extreme caution not only to protect themselves, but also for the safety of everyone nearby. For drivers of commercial vehicles, this type of restraint is paramount, as truck accidents can be dangerous under any circumstance. A recent collision that took place under similar circumstances in Georgia has reportedly left nine individuals with injuries.

According to authorities, multiple vehicles were stopped at a nearby traffic light at around 8 a.m. on a recent Monday. While waiting for the light to change, a tanker truck suddenly slammed into the last vehicle in line, which sparked a chain reaction that involved as many as 10 vehicles. Authorities asset that the accident was severe, and that vehicle parts were strung out all over the road.

Truck accidents: Semi hits 5 cars at traffic light, kills woman

Losing someone close in a fatal collision is something no one should ever have to experience. Should this loss occur at the hands of a negligent driver, it could be significantly more challenging to accept. Truck accidents can be dangerous incidents that run a higher risk of ending in serious injury or worse. A recent accident involving a seemingly negligent truck driver in Georgia has left two individuals with serious injuries and claimed the life of another.

Authorities say the accident took place on a recent Thursday afternoon when, for unknown reasons, a semi crossed into an oncoming lane and sparked a six-vehicle collision. The other five vehicles were reportedly stopped at a traffic light at the time, as the semi proceeded to slam into each one in turn. An investigation is ongoing, but reports suggest the driver didn't attempt to press the brakes at any point during the incident.

Georgia car accidents may prove fatal for pedestrians

Tragically, a significant number of people die each year as a result of various traffic accidents. Though nothing can replace a lost loved one, families of those killed in car accidents could be entitled to seek legal action against parties believed responsible. One family may be examining these options after an elderly man was killed in a recent Georgia crash.

Authorities stated that the victim had just left his church when the collision occurred. As he attempted to cross the street headed south, a car traveling east struck him on its front passenger side. That driver then allegedly fled the scene. 

Not all car accident injuries are visible

Imagine driving through Dalton on your daily commute. Unfortunately, a van t-boned your car as you were driving through an intersection. After the accident, you did a quick self-check and did not notice any broken bones or cuts. While you may not have noticed any injuries, not all of them are easy to detect or immediately obvious. This does not mean that they are any less serious.

In some cases, it could take hours or days before an injury becomes obvious. This is one of the reasons why you should see a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident. If left untreated, some internal injuries could be life threatening. For more information on common car accident injuries that are not immediately obvious, read further.

Victims of car accidents may benefit from consulting attorneys

Drivers who fail to remain aware of their surroundings are likely to cause roadway collisions. Car accidents that are the results of drivers acting in a negligent manner often lead to serious injuries. Whenever children are involved in these types of collisions, the situation becomes all the more tragic. Two children were recently severely injured in a crash in Georgia.

According to officials, the crash occurred in the morning while the children were walking to school. As the children entered the roadway from the east, a pickup truck was traveling south. The front of the truck struck both children. Georgia State Patrol stated that no criminal charges were expected to be filed and that speed did not appear to be a factor in the collision.

Georgia police officer likely contemplating criminal defense

Police officers are expected to uphold the law in all circumstances. It can be quite a shock to hear of an officer accused of committing a crime. One Georgia police corporal is likely working with a criminal defense attorney after being accused of theft and violating her oath, among other charges.

Authorities said that the officer was in charge of collecting medications as part of the office's drug take-back program. The program is supposed to provide a means for people to relieve themselves of any unwanted or expired medications. After some time, another officer took over the position. The sheriff's office believes that the corporal did not turn in all of her keys and instead used them to steal medications.

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