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Criminal defense: Accident involving moped leads to DUI charges

Charges for driving under the influence of alcohol can have serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Operating any manner of vehicle while intoxicated can lead to similar charges. Those who face such allegations often find it advisable to seek advice from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A 39-year-old man in Georgia is facing multiple charges, including DUI, after he was allegedly involved in an accident while operating a moped.

Police claim the accident took place when the driver of a moped suddenly crossed into oncoming traffic. An oncoming truck reportedly swerved in an attempt to avoid collision, but the moped slammed into its side. While the driver of the truck was apparently uninjured, the man on the moped was airlifted to the hospital for treatment.

Motor vehicle accidents claim lives all too often

When drivers are unaware of their surroundings, collisions are bound to happen. Georgia residents know that injuries can often accompany these kinds of motor vehicle accidents. This is particularly true when large trucks are involved. One woman was killed and 17 other people were injured in a multiple vehicle crash with a tractor-trailer.

According to officials, eight vehicles in total were involved in the collision on Georgia Highway 316. Police believe that the tractor-trailer failed to stop when the traffic ahead slowed. First responders discovered the car of the deceased victim on fire underneath the big rig.

Failing to obey traffic laws can lead to fatal car accidents

Drivers who fail to obey traffic laws can cause serious problems for fellow motorists. Car accidents are much more likely to occur when drivers do not follow the rules of the road. This can lead to severe injuries, or even fatalities, for anyone involved. A woman visiting in Georgia was killed in a recent collision by one such driver.

According to authorities, an undercover officer attempted to make a traffic stop, but the driver who eventually caused the accident fled the scene. In his expeditious retreat, the driver drove through a red light. His car crashed into the side of the victim's car in a T-bone fashion in the intersection.

Georgia car accidents: Officer injured in crash

Driving while intoxicated, texting while driving, or falling asleep at the wheel are all reasons that could be contributed to negligent driving. When negligent drivers get behind the wheel, they could cause car accidents that not only put their lives at risk but the lives of everyone else on the roadway. A Georgia police officer was recently injured in an accident at the hands of an alleged negligent driver.

According to police reports, the officer had stopped his car in the median between I-85N and I-285E. The driver who caused the collision crossed the median, striking the police car. The force of the impact spun the patrol car around, causing it to hit the guardrail. Officials believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Unsecured loads are the focus of annual road safety blitz

Road debris may seem like an environmental issue alone. However, objects that litter highways in northern Georgia and along the I-75 corridor may act as reminders of a potential road hazard. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that between 2011 and 2014 more than 200,000 motor vehicle accidents were tied to items falling off trucks or other vehicles, according to Science Daily. Unsecured loads are a common cause of truck accidents.

Debris falling from trucks is a serious road safety issue

Motorcycle accidents in Georgia can result in serious injuries

Roadways can be dangerous for Georgia motorists, particularly those riding motorcycles. Because motorcycles typically offer less protection than traditional vehicles like cars and trucks, motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. A recent collision involving multiple motorcycles caused injuries to several people.

The crash occurred around midday on May 20 along Highway 411. Police reports indicate that numerous motorcycles were involved, though the exact number of riders was not stated. The initial cause of the crash is unclear, though the severity of the incident closed down the highway for a short period.

Layered legal system worth tracking in drug cases

Sentencing is not an issue that deserves to be a top priority when someone in Georgia is arrested on drug charges. Many things warrant greater attention in the early stages of the legal process. However, experienced defense attorneys know the value of maintaining a big-picture perspective while dealing with specific details as they arise.

In that context, it's useful to be aware of differences in sentencing practices that can exist as a result of the multi-tiered justice system we have in the U.S. There are federal laws, there are state laws, and if there is overlap - as there can be in many drug cases - it is possible for charges to be brought at either of those levels, or both.

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