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Working through parenting challenges with your ex

Having to work with your ex on matters related to your children isn't always easy, but it is necessary. There are varying degrees of cooperation that parents will have to work though as their children grow. When you and your ex have to work closely together, you need to do your part to prevent conflicts.

Even when things in the child custody arrangements get difficult to handle, you can use these tips to help you work with your ex so that your children are able to thrive.

Criminal defense: Georgia man facing DUI and other charges

Whenever a driver makes the choice to drive after consuming alcohol, he or she may face serious consequences. Often, driving under the influence can cause car accidents that lead to injuries or even fatalities. One Georgia man is likely now working with a criminal defense attorney after being charged with DUI regarding a recent accident.

Police said that the man was allegedly driving under the influence when he ran a stop sign. His car then struck the driver side of another car in the intersection. The impact caused that car to go airborne, landing 57 feet away and rolling onto its roof, trapping the driver and a passenger before catching fire.

Serious motor vehicle accidents may lead to fatalities

Though drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, this is unfortunately not always the case. Distracted driving, which can be caused by texting or being intoxicated, among other things, often results in motor vehicle accidents. A Georgia man was recently killed in an early morning collision with a vehicle operated by a driver who may have been distracted.

According to authorities, the victim was attempting to enter a local highway at the time of the crash. Another vehicle struck the passenger side of his truck as it passed. The impact caused the victim's truck to flip over. It is currently unclear exactly what caused the collision. 

Georgia truck accidents often lead to fatalities

Car accidents often lead to property damage and many also cause serious injuries. Truck accidents are all the more likely to do so, due to the size of such vehicles compared with smaller ones. A Georgia woman was recently killed in what police are calling a "pointless" accident.

Police say that a driver pulled in front of a tractor-trailer and greatly decreased his speed so that the truck had to stop. They said that the man wanted to speak with the truck driver about a rock that had been kicked up and hit his windshield. The trucker had managed to partially pull onto the shoulder, but part of the semi was still blocking the lane. The victim was unable to stop her vehicle in time and crashed into the back of the tractor-trailer at full speed.

Distracted driving may lead to car accidents in Georgia

Whenever Georgia drivers get behind the wheel, they must consider not only their safety but the safety of everyone else on the roadway. Distracted drivers are a common cause of car accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities. This is why it is so important for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. One woman was recently killed and several others were injured in a collision with a driver who may have been distracted.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the victims had stopped their truck on the left shoulder of I-75, partially in the HOV lane. The driver and three other passengers had exited the vehicle to attempt to change a tire. Police say that a driver in another vehicle crashed into the truck and then hit the victims standing outside of it.

Four things to avoid while on a motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle on an open road without another vehicle in sight is dangerous enough. However, when you start to factor in bad weather, poorly maintained roads, and the occasional random bit of wildlife that decides to run into the middle of the road, things become even more dangerous. Then there is the number one hazard that you have to watch for whether you are riding through Dalton or on a country road: cars and trucks.

Regardless of whether you always wear your helmet, never take a corner too fast and ride defensively, it is not always possible to avoid a negligent driver. However, watching for four types manuevers cars make may keep you from becoming a victim of a driver that did not see you. Read further for some common motorcycle accidents you can avoid.

Georgia man likely preparing criminal defense for DUI charge

Operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs can lead to a serious accident. In addition to the property damage or injuries one might cause, a person may also face potentially severe legal consequences, calling for the need to retain a criminal defense attorney. One Georgia man is now facing charges of driving under the influence and reckless driving after his alleged involvement in a nine-vehicle accident.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the man was driving a cargo van when he supposedly set off a chain reaction of crashes. For reasons that are still unclear, the man is said to have caused a collision with seven vehicles stopped for traffic in the road. He then allegedly hit another car parked in the nearby parking lot before crashing into the side of a Moe's Southwest Grill restaurant. 

Exertional heatstroke is a danger to high school football players

Young football players across the country are already practicing for the upcoming season. Many of them are doing this in the extreme heat and humidity of Georgia and other southern states.

While the dangers of concussions have become — rightfully — a serious concern for football players of all ages in recent years, there's another potentially fatal condition that can impact them as well — exertional heatstroke (EHS).

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are often fatal

Though there are many traffic laws in place to keep drivers and their passengers safe, some motorists fail to obey these laws. When Georgia drivers choose not to heed these safety measures, car accidents are much more likely to occur. One woman was recently killed in a crash by an alleged negligent driver.

Police stated that the driver believed to be responsible for the collision ran a red light. This caused a five-car crash. Her car struck the left center of the victim's vehicle, forcing the victim's car into the side of a truck. The headlight assembly of the victim's car then broke off, hitting another car. After the initial impact, the vehicle belonging to the driver believed to be at fault then struck the front bumper of another car.

How personal injury lawsuits – and juries – improve safety

For more than 200 years, juries have been impaneled in courts throughout to determine the facts in civil lawsuits. The founders believed that the right to a jury trial is a fundamental right. Most Americans likely understand the importance of the jury in a criminal case. Fewer recognize that the framers guaranteed the right to a jury through the Seventh Amendment to resolve many types of civil disputes. The idea of resolving disputes over personal injury through the civil process was not invented on this continent. It dates back to medieval times in the common law adopted by our founders. It also dates back in some form to many ancient societies.

In general, in the common law, people who suffered injury do to the wrongdoing of another could sue to recover damages. The jury system was used to help ensure that those in power, politically or financially, could not avoid liability merely do to the position. At its core, tort law developed to hold wrongdoers liable for the harm they caused, rather than placing the costs on the shoulders of innocent victims. 

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